How to Walk Comfortably

Walking style is linked to your knee pain

Walking is a very simple activity, but are we walking comfortably? The fact is that many of us have already forgotten how to walk properly, due to our desk jobs and long time sittings. We are here to explain you how to walk comfortably and how improper walk affects our body. How to Walk Comfortably: […]

5 Simple Exercises For The Back Pain at Home

Suffering from back pain? Do not worry, chronic back pain is the most common problem in adults, though there are many reasons behind the pain, we have brought a few simple exercises to ease your pain. These exercises are so simple and relieve your pain if practiced daily. Come let us have a look at[…..]

tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition that causes chronic tendon damage to the tendon on the outside of the elbow joint. The tendon is usually damaged as a result of an overuse condition, such as sports or work activities. The type of tendon damage is called tendinosis, which causes a chronic tendon irritation and microscopic tears.[…..]


steroid injections – A big NO

A new study reveals that most commonly given hip and knee steroid injections may be harmful and can cause complications: Hip and knee is among the most common joint disorders. A frequently (thousands per day worldwide) performed treatment for osteoarthritis and other joint related pain conditions are steroid injections, but researchers have found accelerated arthritis[…..]