Does Your Knee Pain Really Require A Surgery


People are worried about when and why they should have their knees replaced. When you have a serious knee injury or arthritis, the pain can limit your ability to flex or extend your knees. As days pass, the deterioration of your joint and surrounding tissue makes it difficult to perform basic day to day activities, even sitting. Knee replacement surgery is a solution for people whose knees have become too worn from this deterioration. Total knee replacement offers a solution to the problem of arthritis and is performed with the goal of pain relief and resumption of activity. After rehabilitation from a successful total knee replacement, a patient can expect to have at least as much motion as prior to surgery, without pain. Total knee replacement dramatically improves a patient’s quality of life and significantly reduces his/her long-term treatment costs. When compared with non-operative management, it also provided more function and a better quality of life.
People usually decide to undergo surgery when they feel they can no longer live with the pain of their arthritis.
A knee replacement is a major surgery, so it is normally recommended by the doctor if other treatment options have not worked or improved mobility.
You will be offered knee replacement surgery if:
• Severe Joint Pain, swelling and difficulty in the mobility.
• Severe Knee pain disturbs the quality of life and sleep.
• Day to day activities becomes difficult.
• Feeling depressed due to severe pain.
• Knees have become too worn from deterioration.
Through Knee Replacement Surgery is safe, very few people have complications. Thoroughly discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor before opting for it. At Advanced Spine and Knee Hospitals, as per our protocol, TKR surgery is the last option, we prefer for Knee Pain Treatment Without Surgery.


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