Total knee replacement increasing as a viable option for many people, especially for patients with severe knee pain/ arthritis, who are unable to participate in day to day activities. Many patients who have a Total Knee Replacement feel better within a few weeks of the surgery. After surgery and recovery, many people are able to do their day to day activities such as walking, bicycling, golf, tennis, and swimming etc.
Physiotherapy after Knee Replacement is important to regain full knee motion and strength.
Post-operative physiotherapy treatment goal is to:
• Reduce knee pain and inflammation.
• Normalize knee joint range of motion.
• Strengthen your knee muscles: quadriceps (esp VMO) and hamstrings.
• Strengthen your lower limb: calves, hip and pelvis muscles.
• Improve knee cap alignment
• Normalize your muscle lengths
• Improve your technique and functioning of day to day activities such as walking, stair climbing, squatting and bending.
• Reduce risk of re-injury.
Physiotherapy after a total knee replacement surgery lasts for 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the healing power and recovery time. Patient has to work closely with doctor and physiotherapist to understand rehabilitation process.
You should not stop attending outpatient physical therapy thinking that you have healed completely without doctor’s advice. You should continue exercises at home on a regular basis to help you make further gains in the months after discontinuing physical therapy.
Physiotherapy is very helpful and important component of your overall recovery after total knee replacement surgery. After physiotherapy, your chances of gaining normal functional mobility is very quick.


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